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MOREIntegrating the Mouth with Sensory & Postural Functions Patricia Oetter, MA, OTR/L, FAOTA & Eileen W. Richter MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA
This is one of the courses most often recommended for pediatric OT's and SLP's.  Most school and clinic based therapists find a working knowledge of these constructs essential to effectively organize assessment information and plan a course of treatment.  Understanding the relationship of the mouth/head/ neck/breath to natural development can be a powerful tool when treating a variety of developmental issues. This course is a lecture, lab and video combination.  Informative and fun. 
Sensory Integration & Beyond:Power Tools for Treating Children Patricia Oetter, MA, OTR/L, FAOTA & Nancy Lawton-Shirley, OTR/L
This one is designed to discuss those forms of intervention we have found most effective in the shortest amount of time.  The what and why's are presented as well as how each fits and compliments the other in the course of treatment.  Always wanted to know the basics about the strategies you keep hearing about.  This one will do it.
"The most informative and enjoyable course I have taken in a long tine! Good ideas for practical applications& good neurological reasoning to explain.""Great examples, clear organized presentation... entertaining speakers. Held my interest for the duration!"
• "Thanks for a wonderful 2 days filled with great information! Nancy & Patti were so knowledgable & very willing to answer questions.  They obviously love their field...."• "Both speakers extremely knowledgable, passionate, live their work, have current experience to draw from .... handouts full of supportive resources so you can go and make it happen"
Partners With a PurposeOccupational & Speech Therapy Using a SI Approach Patricia Oetter MA, OTR/L, FAOTA & Scott Fox MS, CCC-SLP
My favorite thing to do is collaborate in assessment and treatment.We have found the outcomes and generalization we are all looking for happen much faster when we work side by side. This course addresses collaboration between OT's and SLP'sto enhance language development, communication, interaction, organized behavior, & learningCome together.  It's more interesting, fun and immediately applicable.The constructs of SI theory and practice as they relate to designing therapeutic environments and activities are woven together throughout the course with lecture, labs & videos.
    • "I really enjoyed this course.  The instructors presented excellent information with excecellent treatment applications.  I appreciated the hands on labs and videos.  I enjoyed the collaborative OT/ST structure of the course."    • "Thank you.  It was a privelege to learn from two such experts.  Your enthusiasm and passion for what you do is wonderful."
Powered Up & Running:Modulation & Posture for Treating Sensory Motor DysfunctionSteven J. Cool, PhD, FAAO & Patricia Oetter MA, OTR/L, FAOTA
 Science meets therapy.  A very fun way to translate neuroscience into human development and function.  To top it off there are treatment ideas galore.  Patti and Steve thoroughly enjoy discussing the interaction between neuroscience, theory and practice development.  You will leave with lots to ponder and many new ways of thinking about and treating your clients.
 "The most informative and enjoyable course I have taken in a long time! Good ideas for practical applications."  " A wonderful connection made between the CNS and intervention. Great ideas for treatment."
 This is an advanced course for OT's with pediatric experience in the use of a variety of treatment approaches.The TARGET is a comprehensive format for collecting and sorting assessment data.  It helps prioritize areas that need addressing in treatment as well as plan the sequence.  It also helps families and others see the relationships between original concerns and underlying causes.  Goals can then be generated together and progress tracked together. The course is limited in size to promote group discussion around the TARGET as it applies to a variety of treatment videos.  Stretch your clinical reasoning skills and join in exciting and enlightening discussions.

Partners in ActionPatricia Oetter MA, OTR/L, FAOTA & Scott Fox MS, CCC-SLP 
Lectures, slides, experiential labs and videotapes of integrated OT/SLP treatment of children birth through school age. Lots of discussion and problem solving with clinical reasoning based on SI theory, other OT approaches and traditional communication strategies.
Sensory Integration?
for Parents, Other Professionals, Paraprofessionals
Designing Environments:
Clinic, Home, School
Sensory Integration Treatment
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"Finally a course for those of us who have been around awhile and taken just about everything.  This was wonderful and put so many things into perspective""The best clinical reasoning experience ever!"How can one person know so much and put things together so well?  You are an amazing therapist and teacher.  Thank you!"
"Extraordinary course!  What passion you two have.  Great ideas I can use immediately""Wonderful!  Great clinical reasoning and treatment ideas."
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February 20-21, 2014 
Minneapolis, MN
Part of the Richter AIR Symposium on Therapeutic Applications for Pediatrics