Patricia Oetter, MA, OTR/L, FAOTA
Behavior & Learning: Exploring New Dimensions:  
OT in Action From a Sensory Integration Perspective
 . . .reflects the state of organization or disorganization a child is experiencing.  My job as a therapist is to discover the conditions that will support or change any given behavior in any given moment.  The goal of treatment, courses, publications, consults, mentoring, and practicum training has always been to generate respect, honor and support for a child on his or her path of development. As a therapist I can help facilitate this progression by BLENDing environmental supports, therapeutic activities, and a mindset of others at home, in the neighborhood, school and community.
. . .and my hundreds of teachers over 40+ years of practice have lead me to believe that treatment and teaching strategies designed to “be with” rather than “do to” will not only result in faster, deeper change, but change that is learned, remembered and used across environments and activities. Joy on the faces of a child, parents, siblings, or therapists as they become empowered and able to master a task or technique independently is why I work, travel and teach.

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I believe that behavior...
Children are our best      teachers... 
"Behaving," Learning, & Remembering...
. . . are difficult no matter how old you are or how well integrated you are. The majority of us have "escaped" diagnosis but know our limitations well.  We have learned strategies to capitalize on our strengths and cover or avoid those things most difficult. Treatment is designed to BLEND the conditions that support best performance and incorporate those into the child's daily life activities.
See it,
Do it,
Learn it,
We are sensory motor beings from infancy through adulthood. We learn best when we can actively participate in and repeat the process. If we find the new task has meaning, relevance and purpose for us, then all the better. If we are having fun as well . . . . there is nothing more organizing, integrating or worth remembering and using often. 
My treatment sessions, course content, practicums, mentoring & consultations, and interaction style are all based on these concepts.  I BLEND a variety of treatment approaches and strategies so change can occur in a fun and meaningful way for children, their families and therapists and educators. Sensory Integration, Therapressure Program & Sensory Diet (P.Wilbarger), MORE (Oral & Respiratory strategies), Therapeutic Listening, Craniosacral therapy, Astronaut Training & other techniques from Mary Kawar, & How Does Your Engine Run: The Alert Program for Self Regulation are the major frames of reference I use.